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Teacher: Helen Mendoza

BA223 First Semester 2021-2022




This course provides and introduction of educational planning and development-its principles, concepts, functions functions and its scope. This covers the essentials of educational planning which lead to develop an exixting institution by improving its faculty, facilities, curricular offerings, governance and school relations.


Teacher: Amelita de Guzman

Foreign Language- Spanish

This course is designed to help students achieve a level of linguistic competence that permits effective communication.

Teacher: Elena Paragas

Advanced Educational Psychology

This course includes a review of relevant learning theories and theorists, cognitive development of and language, personal, social and emotional development, learner differences and learning needs, culture and community, behavioral views of learning, cognitive views of learning, complex cognitive processes, social cognitive and constructivists views of learning, motivation in learning and teaching, creative learning environments, teaching for self-regulation, creativity, tolerance, standardized testing, and classroom assessment.

Teacher: Elena Paragas

ADVANCED Industrial Psychology (PSYCH 210)

        A course providing an overview of psychological concepts, theories and research findings for effective human interactions and performance in the workplace. Topics include Job analysis, Employee recruitment, selection and placement, methods for assessing and selecting employee, evaluating employee performance, employee training and development, motivation, conflict resolution, positive employee attitude and behavior, workers stress, negative employee attitude and behaviors, communication in the workplace, leadership, influence power and politics and organizational structure, culture and development.